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Nick is a highly skilled instrumentalist and composer who's original music can be heard on self titled records by Hieronymus Trio and Yutrio. 

Nick has recently completed a Bachelor of Music (performance) Degree in Jazz at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, graduating with Honours First Class. During his degree Henderson studied with such jazz luminaries as Craig Scott, Mike Nock and Matt McMahon.

An accomplished instrumentalist, Nick took up the guitar at a young age followed shortly by the electric bass and finally the double bass in high school.

He auditioned successfully for the Conservatorium Jazz Orchestra in 2015 and completed a tour with the band to the U.S.A to perform at the prestigious Midwest Clinic International Band and Orchestra Conference.

Nick performs and composes for several groups including instrumental group ‘Yutrio’ and jazz trio ‘Hieronymus’. He has also begun work on his first solo record to be released in late 2017.